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Re: compare-windows - synchronize points

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: compare-windows - synchronize points
Date: 14 Aug 2003 17:43:18 +0300
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Alex Schroeder <address@hidden> writes:
> One good solution to this problem is to write interactive functions
> for the most useful cases so that you can call them directly.  There
> need not be many of them:
> compare-windows-sync-word
> compare-windows-sync-sentence
> compare-windows-sync-defun
> compare-windows-sync-regexp -- this one would query for a regexp

Adding the interactive function for syncing seems to be a good thing.
But what troubles me the most is the namespace wasting.
Instead of creating n number of compare-windows-sync-* functions
it's better to create one interactive function
(e.g. compare-windows-sync-windows) which when called with argument C-u
will ask the user for a function name (e.g. forward-word,
forward-sentence) or a regexp (anyhow, one of your proposed functions
asks for a regexp) and will set the buffer-local compare-windows-sync
variable to this function or regexp.  If the compare-windows-sync-windows
is called without C-u, it could use the previously saved value of


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