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[BUG] dispnew.c/adjustglyphmatrix

From: David Abrahams
Subject: [BUG] dispnew.c/adjustglyphmatrix
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 14:21:05 -0400
User-agent: Gnus/5.1002 (Gnus v5.10.2) Emacs/21.3.50 (windows-nt)

The title function uses an uninitialized local variable
window_height.  The stack backtrace is:

        emacs.exe!failwithmessage(void * retaddr=0x011b58bf, int 
crttype=0x00000001, int errnum=0x00000003, const char * msg=0x0109e2bb)  + 
0x106       C++
        emacs.exe!_RTC_UninitUse(const char * varname=0x0109e32d)  + 0x9c       
>       emacs.exe!adjust_glyph_matrix(window * w=0x0138e600, glyph_matrix * 
> matrix=0x015ca800, int x=0x00000000, int y=0x00000000, dim dim={...})  Line 
> 844 + 0x10      C
        emacs.exe!allocate_matrices_for_frame_redisplay(int window=0x4138e600, 
int x=0x00000000, int y=0x00000000, int dim_only_p=0x00000000, int * 
window_change_flags=0x0082fdc4)  Line 1922 + 0x23   C
        emacs.exe!adjust_frame_glyphs_for_frame_redisplay(frame * f=0x0138e800) 
 Line 2311 + 0x18       C
        emacs.exe!adjust_frame_glyphs(frame * f=0x0138e800)  Line 2129 + 0x9    
        emacs.exe!adjust_frame_glyphs_initially()  Line 2115 + 0x9      C
        emacs.exe!init_display()  Line 6483     C
        emacs.exe!main()  Line 1573     C
        emacs.exe!mainCRTStartup()  Line 259 + 0x12     C
        emacs.exe!_start()  Line 131    C

And the local variables are:

+       w       0x0138e600 {size=0x20001048 vec_next=0x0138e800 
{size=0x20000452 next=0x01378a80 {size=0x0000001e next=0x01375d00 
{size=0x00000028 next=0x0138ea00 contents=0x01375d08 } contents=0x01378a88 } 
contents=0x0138e808 } frame=0x4138e800 ...}      window *
+       matrix  0x015ca800 {pool=0x0137b990 {glyphs=0x0153d800 
{charpos=0x00000000 object=0x00000000 pixel_width=0x0000 ...} 
nglyphs=0x00000064 nrows=0x0000000a ...} rows=0x015cf800 {glyphs=0x015cf800 
used=0x015cf810 x=0x00000000 ...} rows_allocated=0x00000009 ...}       
glyph_matrix *
        x       0x00000000      int
        y       0x00000000      int
+       dim     {width=0x0000000a height=0x00000009 }   dim
        header_line_changed_p   0x00000000      int
        new_rows        0x00000009      int
        right   0x00000000      int
        marginal_areas_changed_p        0x00000000      int
        left    0x00000000      int
        window_height   0xcccccccc      int
        window_width    0xffffffff      int
        i       0x00000009      int
        header_line_p   0x00000000      int

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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