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Re: emacs crash

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: emacs crash
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 00:52:47 -0400

    0x081259f8 in mark_object (arg=543454268) at alloc.c:4991
    4991          if (XMARKER (obj)->gcmarkbit)
    #0  0x081259f8 in mark_object (arg=543454268) at alloc.c:4991
            obj = 6583356
            cdr_count = 0
    #1  0x081255e8 in mark_object (arg=1487814016) at alloc.c:4831
            size = 48
            i = 0
            obj = 0
            cdr_count = 0

You need to look at the objects being marked in these calls, and the
data structure they belong to, and figure out what's invalid
about the data structure.

That is the first step.  After that step, there will probably be more
debugging to do, but we can't guess now what it will be.

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