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Re: cvs <-> arch mirroring scripts

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: cvs <-> arch mirroring scripts
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 15:16:06 -0400

      Revision:     Identifies the arch changeset the change came from;
                    I think this is very useful information and should be

How is that useful to CVS users like me?

      Archive:      This is really part of the changeset name; it could be
                    put into the Revision: header I think.

      Creator:      This is redundant in this case, but since CVS checkins
                    from arch probably will occur from a single `gateway user'
                    so that it's necessary to record the _actual_ author

I see two possibilities:

1. We should think of this person as the one who checked in the
change.  If so, the info is useful but the CVS checkin user info is
useless.  This name should go in the CVS checkin user name, not in a
separate "Creator" field.

2. We should not think of this person as the one who checked in the change.
Then the info is useless.

Which of these is appropriate depends on how the arch checkin setup
will be used.  Will people need to have Savannah write-access to Emacs
in order to enter changes in the arch repository?  If so, I think
we should do #1.

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