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Re: segfault by emacs -nw

From: Terje Rosten
Subject: Re: segfault by emacs -nw
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 12:24:33 +0200
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* Kenichi Handa
| With today's CVS HEAD, emacs -nw always crashes as below:

Reverting this patch seems to fix it here:


The change is from:

2003-08-19  Gerd Moellmann  <address@hidden>

        * s/freebsd.h [__FreeBSD_version >= 400000]: Define TERMINFO,
        use -lncurses.

        * term.c (term_init): Use a buffer of size 4096 for tgetent since
        FreeBSD returns something longer than 2044.  Abort if the end of
        the buffer is overwritten.

 - Terje

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