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emacs/lispref/Makefile.in: Minor fix for MS Win port

From: dhruva
Subject: emacs/lispref/Makefile.in: Minor fix for MS Win port
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 13:35:15 +0530

 I had sent a mail with this fix but my mail server went off. I am not
 sure whether the mail was sent. Incase it is duplicated, my apologies.

 In emacs/lispref/Makefile.in, a call to 'ln -s' is done on 'index.texi.
The MinGW/Win32 port of 'ln' creates a symbolic link with a '.lnk'
extension. Hence, "ln -s index.perm index.texi" results in a file
"index.texi.lnk" instead of "index.texi". This causes a build failure for
emacs/lispref. I have made a trivial modification.

with regards,

[dky]diff -burN D:\tmp\cvs\emacs\emacs\lispref\Makefile.in Makefile.in
--- D:\tmp\cvs\emacs\emacs\lispref\Makefile.in  2003-08-13
19:45:11.000000000 +0530
+++ Makefile.in 2003-08-20 09:51:04.000000000 +0530
@@ -135,6 +135,11 @@
        else \
          ln -s $(srcdir)/index.unperm index.texi || ln
          $(srcdir)/index.unperm index.texi || cp $(srcdir)/index.unperm
          index.texi; \
+       # For MS port of ln
+       if [ -f index.texi.lnk ]; \
+       then \
+         mv index.texi.lnk index.texi; \
+       fi

 install: elisp
        $(srcdir)/mkinstalldirs $(infodir)
Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Web: http://schemer.fateback.com/

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