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Re: Updates to etc/MORE.STUFF

From: Alex Schroeder
Subject: Re: Updates to etc/MORE.STUFF
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 22:04:08 +0200
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"Stefan Monnier" <monnier+gnu/address@hidden> writes:

> AFAIK, you can't distribute elisp code under a license more
> restrictive than the GPL since it "links" to the GPL interpreter.

The would mean that you can only distribute GPL elisp programs?  I
don't think that is true.  How does this "linking" happen?  What if
the elisp runs in XEmacs?  What if it runs via the common-lisp
library Sam Steingold wrote?  What if it runs via the Guile library
somebody else whose name I forgot wrote?  I cannot believe this is

But to answer your question, the elisp program I refered to is
described on the wiki
(http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl/RefactoringBrowser) using
the description from its homepage, I believe:

    xref is a refactoring browser for Emacs; a proprietary addon for C
    and Java, a bit more powerful than Visual Stuff from Windows, it
    also does refactoring as follows according to the web site: Method
    (function) extraction; renaming of packages, classes, parameters,
    variables, fields (structure records) and methods (functions);
    insertion, deletion, shift and exchange of parameters; field and
    method moving; pushing down and pulling up fields and methods;
    encapsulate field; and more. Refactorings are safe with detection
    of possible conflicts. (Sometimes referred to as X-ref.)

    * http://www.xref.sk/

There is no substitute for experience.

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