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gud.el file/line problems

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: gud.el file/line problems
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 18:37:42 +0100

 > I'm trying to hook up a gdb command-like, custom made
 > command line debugger to work with gud.
 > The debugger supports commands that are identical to
 > gdb and also generates the same output.  

Perhaps you could call your debugger, err.. gdb?

 > I haven't modified gud.el at all, as I expected that 
 > if I keep the command set identical and the output the 
 > same, it should work seamlessly.

 > Unfortunately, it does not. I can perform single
 > stepping, continue, etc without a hitch but for some
 > reason emacs refuses to display the source file and
 > the associated => pointer.

You don't say which version of Emacs that you're running but I guess its not
the one in CVS because you would then see that GDB is run with the
"--fullname" option. With this every time gdb stops it generates something


and gud.el parses out the filename (/home/nick/myprog.c) and the line number
to know where to put the overlay-arrow. I'm guessing that your program doesn't
do this.

 > I've double checked the output when I hit a breakpoint
 > and it is identical to gdb, as far as I can tell.
 > >From my limited understanding of gud, it does a screen
 > scrape, looking for a "filename:line number", so if I
 > match the output it should work, right?

Right. Presumably though, you've not written your program from scratch and
you've made changes that you think improve gdb's behaviour. Why not submit
them to address@hidden for peer review and to share?


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