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Info-find-index-name vs makeinfo <1>

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Info-find-index-name vs makeinfo <1>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 11:12:01 +1000
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[This is a repost, didn't seem to make it through the mailing list the
first time last week.  Apologies for any duplication.]

        * info.el (Info-find-index-name): Search also without the " <1>" etc
        which makeinfo appends to duplicate index entries.

In the elisp manual "i newline" brings up the "Character Type" with
point correctly positioned on the mention of newline, but using ","
for the next match brings up "Commands for Insertion" with point
positioned at the top of the node, not on the "newline" function.

The reason for the latter is I think that Info-find-index-name
attempts to find "newline <1>", which fails, not surprisingly.

The same sort of thing arises in the Guile manual, where "map" and a
few other functions appear twice (the srfi-1 module extends some r5rs
or guile core functions).

It'd be nice if the " <1>" bit could be ignored when searching.  The
change below repeats the search without <n> if it couldn't be found
first time through.

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