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Re: address@hidden: changing line heights]

From: James H . Cloos Jr .
Subject: Re: address@hidden: changing line heights]
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 10:03:12 -0400
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>>>>> "James" == James Clark <address@hidden> writes:

James> It seems to me that the right solution is by default to
James> map 0x60/0x27 to the Unicode quotation marks only in
James> buffers displaying documentation (help and info);

GNU documentation is not the only user of `' for ‘’ and
``'' for “”, that is also the way TeX specifies quotes.
And apostrophes.

Not to mention their use in source code.

James> users should also be able to enable this mapping
James> on a per-buffer basis and globally.

As Miles wrote, some fonts make the glyphs hard to distinguish.
A few years ago I used to use 75dpi/lutRS08.bdf for xterms and
emacs.  (Really. :)  There is no where there to tell apart the
open and close glyphs.  OTOH, I now use misc/9x18.bdf and that
makes the glyphs easy to distinguish.  It is important to give
the users a single defcustom that the default behavior depends
on, as well as per mode and per buffer controls.


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