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No `calc-mode-var-list' in calc.el

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: No `calc-mode-var-list' in calc.el
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:17:30 -0600
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In calc-2.02f, many initial settings are stored in the list
`calc-mode-var-list', apparently so that functions which want to
access all the settings (to reset them or to store them) can easily
access them.  (The list is used by the functions `calc-reset' in
"calc-ext.el", by `calc-embedded-set-modes' in "calc-embed.el", and
by 'calc-save-modes' and `calc-setting-file-name' in "calc-mode.el".)
After the list 'calc-mode-var-list' is defined, the unbound variables
are bound with a mapcar.
In calc-2.02g, the initial settings are defined individually, with
defvar, so `calc-mode-var-list' isn't used.  The only advantage this
seems to have is to add docstrings to the variables, but the functions
which want to access all the variables conveniently through
`calc-mode-var-list' can't us it anymore.  So all the functions I
mentioned above are broken. 

I sent the following patches to Lukasz Stafiniak, the Calc
maintainer.  He doesn't have emacs cvs access, so he suggested I send
them to the emacs-devel list.  It restores a version of
'calc-mode-var-list' which has adds docstrings.  This version will
affect `calc-embedded-set-modes' in calc-embed.el, so there is also a
patch for that which will restore the previous behavior.
So, here they are.


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