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Re: Changes to Texinfo DTD

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Changes to Texinfo DTD
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 11:44:22 -0500

    So people who want it can put XML files into their /usr/local/info

If we start installing XML info files, we need to do better than just
stuff them into one huge /usr/local/info.

I suggest $(infodir)/LL/MANUAL/MANUAL.xml
for instance

1) We want to do a better job of supporting Texinfo documents in
   different languages.
2) We want to allow for including a manual's subsidiary runtime files --
   namely images -- with the manual, so further processors have a chance
   to find them.
3) HTML files could be installed there too.

I'd actually like to install info files in the same way, but that's a
different story.

Perhaps the extension should not be .xml, which is too generic after
all.  .txml?

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