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Re: appt: allowing hh.mm for time

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: appt: allowing hh.mm for time
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 20:44:33 +0000
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D Goel wrote:

> The patch below generalizes the time-format to allow 11.00 as well,
> (and even makes it customizable.)

RMS asked me to look after calendar-related matters, so I should
probably comment on this. The idea (allowing times of the format
"11.00" as well as "11:00") is fine, but in practice it's more
complicated than your patch. For example, taking a quick look at
diary-lib.el, I see many places where a ":" separator is assumed (the
syntax table for the diary buffer, etc). So if you want to make this
change consistent for the calendar/diary you will have to deal with
all of those places. The ":" format may very well be assumed in other
files in lisp/calendar AFAIK. You may find making this change is more
trouble than it's worth to you. :(

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