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Re: Are there plans for a multi-threaded Emacs?

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: Are there plans for a multi-threaded Emacs?
Date: 07 Dec 2003 11:58:20 -0500

Kai Grossjohann <address@hidden> writes:

   I see.  Hm.  I thought that people "just" need to be careful which
   "old code" they call.  And if the old code doesn't work, it would get

that's the theory, but in practice even the most simple pieces of new
code rely heavily on old code.  generally, this methodology exposes the
user to an indeterminate window where the extent and impact of the
changes to be made are unknown.  this may be acceptable but there is a
danger that the unknown becomes the permanently unknowable if no one
looks at it.  this is the problem (by design) w/ usloth and their
output, for example.

   But I guess the big-lock suggestion leads to bad performance in
   problematic cases, whereas my suggestion leads to wrong results in
   problematic cases.  And bad performance is better than wrong results.

that's a very succinct way to put it!


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