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Re: Cannot connect to X server

From: Stenuit, Pascal
Subject: Re: Cannot connect to X server
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 06:39:09 -0500


We've been experiencing the same problem as the one described here below. 

Running truss on emacs showed the TCP connect to the X server being
interrupted (EINTR).
The reason for the interrupt is the keyboard timer running at that time.
The XtOpenDisplay retries the connect a few times and then gives up.

The problem happens reliably only on slow links.

We suspect that the behaviour of connect was changed between 4.2 and 5.0
(EINTR is not listed as valid error code in 4.2 - I dont have the man pages
for 5.x), but the X libraries were not adapted to take EINTR.

As a quick and dirty hack, we've blocked SIGALRM just around the call to
XOpenDisplay and XtOpenDisplay and the problem went away. We didnt log a
call to IBM, though.

In the hope this can be useful to somebody else...


stenuit pascal, gtech, Terhulpsesteenweg 6d, B-1560 Hoeilaart
Bus: +32 2 678.13.73
Mobile: +32 4
Bus Fax: +32 2 678.13.45

From:  Richard Stallman 
Subject:  Re: Cannot connect to X server 
Date:  Fri, 30 May 2003 13:12:56 -0400 


    When I invoke emacs on AIX 5.1 it gives me the following error message.

    emacs: Cannot connect to X server hollowman:0.0.
    Check the DISPLAY environment variable or use `-d'.
    Also use the `xhost' program to verify that it is set to permit
    connections from your machine.

Did you verify that the X server on hollowman allows connections from
the machine where Emacs is running?  The fix could be as simple as
running xhost.

If the problem is not that, then I don't know what to do.
I hope someone finds a solution and tells the Emacs developers.

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