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Re: Emacs on MAC OS X 10.3

From: Ted Lemon
Subject: Re: Emacs on MAC OS X 10.3
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 12:05:26 -0600

On Dec 17, 2003, at 4:56 AM, Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:
Sadly, there is no maintainer for the Aqua Emacs at the moment.

I volunteered to do it, but what with all the savannah hassles, I think that's fallen into a black hole. However, it's not really Aqua emacs - it's Carbon emacs. There are a lot of stubs in the carbon module (macterm.c) that need to be filled in, and that might help out a bit, but it would be quite a challenge to make it work with X-style font names, because the font names in Carbon are the Mac font names, not the X font names.

I'd actually like to add an experimental set of Aqua stubs, although given that the Carbon code is quite stable now and also works on MacOS 9, I don't think it's time to switch to Aqua yet.

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