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Re: Info enhancements

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Info enhancements
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 05:03:32 +0200
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:
>     So, what do you think about this patch?  It provides three functions
>     Info-goto, Info-goto-node and Info-goto-anchor that differ only by
>     their completion lists.  I'm still unsure about keybindings to these
>     functions.  Maybe, "g" - for Info-goto-node, "G" - for Info-goto
> Do we really need Info-goto-anchor?

We don't need Info-goto-anchor.

> Do we really need Info-goto-node, except as an alias
> for compatibility?  I don't see a need for them.

I think Info-goto-node with a completion list without anchors might be
useful for users that want to see only node names.  For instance,
currently Info-goto-node called on the Emacs manual adds anchors
useless for users:

Coding Systems-Footnote-1          Debugger Operation-Footnote-1
Dissociated Press-Footnote-1       Expressions-Footnote-1
File Names with $                  Fontsets-Footnote-1
General Variables-Footnote-1       Language Environments-Footnote-1
Language Environments-Footnote-2   MS-DOS Printing-Footnote-1
MS-DOS and MULE-Footnote-1         MS-DOS and MULE-Footnote-2
Mail Amusements-Footnote-1         Man Page-Footnote-1
Man Page-Footnote-2                Manifesto-Footnote-1
Manifesto-Footnote-2               Manifesto-Footnote-3
Manifesto-Footnote-4               Manifesto-Footnote-5
Menu Mouse Clicks-Footnote-1       Non-ASCII Rebinding-Footnote-1
Scroll Bars-Footnote-1             Several Buffers-Footnote-1
Shell Mode-Footnote-1              TeX Mode-Footnote-1

But since now anchors are very infrequent in Info files they don't
cause a problem yet.  However, with more widespread use of anchors
completion lists of node names will grow significantly.  So, I think
this discussion should be postponed until Info files have more anchors
and thus it will be clear how many real problems anchors cause.


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