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Re: test-completion and hash-tables

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: test-completion and hash-tables
Date: 18 Dec 2003 18:05:29 -0500
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> `try-completion' and `all-completions' use `compare-strings' to compare
> strings, in its case-sensitive or case-insensitive variant, depending
> on `completion-ignore-case', independently of how the collection of
> strings is specified (alist, list, obarray, hash-table, function).
> However, when the collection of strings is specified as a hash-table,
> then `test-completion' uses whichever test the hash-table uses and, in
> particular, `completion-ignore-case' is ignored.

This is a bug.
I completely forgot the issue of case-fold when writing the code.
But I think the same problem is present with obarrays (tho you might want
to check), in which case it´s a very long standing bug.


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