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Re: TUTORIAL.bg and windows-1251

From: Ognyan Kulev
Subject: Re: TUTORIAL.bg and windows-1251
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 17:06:07 +0200
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Kenichi Handa wrote:
In article <address@hidden>, Ognyan Kulev <address@hidden> writes:
Unfortunately, it doesn't work in Emacs[1]. (The ctext.el that you sent me in previous mail works.) emacs is started with LANG=bg_BG. I'm setting lang.env. to English and back to Bulgarian, but nothing helped.

Please check the value of
`ctext-non-standard-encodings-alist'.   Does it contain an
element something like:
  ("microsoft-cp1251" windows-1251 1 CHAR-TABLE)
If not, please byte compile lisp/language/cyrillic.el and
make Emacs again.

Today (2003-12-31) I've checked out emacs and tested it again. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as expected -- microsoft-cp1251 font encoding is not used.

ctext-non-standard-encodings-alist contains microsoft-cp1251.

I tried to understand the code, but without great success. So ctext-pre-write-conversion seems the only place that uses ctext-non-standard-encodings property of current language environment (via ctext-non-standard-encodings-table). Do I understand it right that somehow all rendering of text to X is done via the "special" compound text (ctext) coding system, while buffer can be in other coding system? If not, how this ctext coding system is used, and, consequently, ctext-non-standard-encodings property? (I just try to help getting this thing working.)

Ognyan Kulev <address@hidden,fsa-bg.org,jabber.org}>
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