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process.c changes causes problem with JDEbug of the JDE package

From: Harald Maier
Subject: process.c changes causes problem with JDEbug of the JDE package
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 14:18:05 +0100
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Hello Kim,

it looks that the following changes below on process.c has influence
on functioninng of JDEbug of the JDE package. Emacses later as
2004-01-01 fail to establish a connection to the JDEbug process.

It looks that following command to accept-process-output now fails
always. I saw problems under GNU/Linux as well as under W2K. Although
processing on the two systems may differ. But on both side an error
is reported after accept-process-output.

(if (not reply-received)
  (when (not (accept-process-output process jde-bug-debugger-command-timeout 0))
    (message "No response to command %d. (process = %s; timeout = %s sec.)"
      (if (jde-dbs-get-target-process)
           (oref (jde-dbs-get-target-process) id)
     (setq jde-dbs-command-reply nil)))

Any idea there the problem might be?


2004-01-02  Kim F. Storm  <address@hidden>

        * process.h (struct Lisp_Process): New members for adaptive read
        buffering: adaptive_read_buffering, read_output_delay, and

        * process.c (ADAPTIVE_READ_BUFFERING): New conditional.
        (READ_OUTPUT_DELAY_MAX_MAX): New constants.
        (process_output_delay_count, process_output_skip): New vars.
        (Vprocess_adaptive_read_buffering): New variable.
        (make_process): Initialize adaptive read buffering members.
        (Fstart_process): Set adaptive_read_buffering member.
        (deactivate_process): Cleanup adaptive read buffering.
        (wait_reading_process_input): Temporarily omit delayed
        subprocesses from the set of file descriptors to read from;
        adjust the select timeout if we skipped any subprocesses.
        (read_process_output): Increase adaptive read buffering delay if
        we read less than a full buffer; reduce delay when we read a
        full buffer.
        (send_process): Simplify using local Lisp_Process var.
        Reset adaptive read buffering delay after write.
        (init_process): Initialize process_output_delay_count and
        (syms_of_process): DEFVAR_LISP Vprocess_adaptive_read_buffering.

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