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Re: Checking the Emacs Lisp manual

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: Checking the Emacs Lisp manual
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 18:43:11 -0600 (CST)

Nic Ferrier wrote:

    After some network problems, I'm just at the point where I'm able to
    start checking parts of the Emacs Lisp Reference manual.

    Is there a list somewhere of what has already been checked? If there
    isn't maybe we should add a file to the CVS?

I have read or soon will have read all chapters except:

Customization, Advising Functions, Debugging, Command Loop, Keymaps,
Modes, Documentation, Backups and Auto-Saving, Windows, Frames, Text,
Processes, Display , Calendar and System Interface.

I have also read Text up to and including (elisp)Maintaining Undo.

I have not yet installed my planned changes to "Sequences Arrays Vectors",
"Files" and "Buffers", because there still are outstanding issues.
I am waiting for Richard's comments before installing my proposed
(small) changes to the introduction. 

I believe that Richard would like to have at least _double_ coverage
of every section, but due to lack of volunteers, that could be
difficult.  Anyway, the fact that I have already read or am reading a
given section should definitely not keep anybody from double checking

Note that I have found it very useful to do C-h f and C-h v on all
described functions and variables.  When people make changes, they are
supposed to mention them in the NEWS, but in practice, that does
definitely not always happen and sometimes the only record of a very
non-trivial change is in the docstring or the argument list.



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