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Re: vc-diff vs cvs-mode-diff

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: vc-diff vs cvs-mode-diff
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 13:14:41 -0500
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> * Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> [2004-03-12 08:46:22 -0500]:
>> vc-diff (C-x v =) uses the foo.~ver~ backup file
>> (vc-version-backup-file) to avoid network
>> diffing when the file is available.
>> cvs-mode-diff (= in *cvs* buffer) does not use this cache.
>> why?
> Because it's two distinct pieces of code.  The PCL-CVS code just blindly
> runs `cvs diff <files>'.  Nobody has bothered to write the necessary code
> to try and use the foo.~ver~ files when available.
> Patches accepted (so long as they aren't too ugly).

how about moving vc-version-backup-file to vc-common.el and loading it
into both pcvs and vc?
(but then it gets hairy because pcvs operates on several files at a time)

BTW, msvc build fails with this message:
image.c(7468) : error C2065: 'PATH_BITMAPS' : undeclared identifier

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