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Re: Wheter to switch to another VC, and which one...

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Wheter to switch to another VC, and which one...
Date: 23 Mar 2004 11:25:43 -0500
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> Well, Emacs is not about to switch, but, if we don't talk about it, it
> will certainly never switch. Perhaps you feel that's fine. I for sure feel
> is *not*.

Emacs has not been at the forefront of technology and I don't see any
reason why this will change.

In any case, I don't see how we'll be able to switch to Arch or to
Subversion before Emacs itself supports those tools as well as it
supports CVS.

> I know. That doesn't mean there aren't hidden costs in using a more
> generic tool for a quite specific use.

Well, there will be downsides to any alternative.  But it is irrelevant to
me whether those downsides are due to "side effects of being able to have
distributed branches" or whether they're due to side effects of "being able
to branch in the same way that you copy" or whether they're due to arbitrary
decisions of the author or anything else.

>> And I expect that if Emacs ever switches to something like
>> Arch or Bitkeeper

> RMS using BitKeeper, that'd be funny.

I felt this thread ws a bit too serious,


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