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Re: overlay-start > overlay-end

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: overlay-start > overlay-end
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 00:34:25 -0500

    Thank you for suggestion. I found a function for the
    purpose: fix_overlays_in_range. I put it inside
    `fix_overlays_before'. Instead I put it to the upper
    level function.

Thanks.  That is correct, but maybe another change is needed too.
I saw this comment at fix_overlays_in_range:

       Such an overlay might even have negative size at this point.
       If so, we'll reverse the endpoints.  Can you think of anything
       better to do in this situation?  */

That is the wrong thing to do!  These overlays should be empty.

Can you fix that too?

    fix_overlays_in_range => fix_start_end_in_overlays

That seems like a good idea.

    fix_overlays_before   => fix_order_of_overlays_in_buffer

That name is too clumsy, I'd say don't change this one.

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