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[gnu.org #181558] format error in html mono web page

From: Corey Goldberg via RT
Subject: [gnu.org #181558] format error in html mono web page
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 08:49:28 -0500

please see below..  this was forwarded to Webmasters by RMS, but it is 
sort of out of our scope and more in the realm of what emacs-devel does. 
Can someone take a look at this?

Corey (GNU Webmasters)

>Subject: address@hidden: format error in html mono web page]
>Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 23:41:53 -0500
>To: address@hidden
>From: Richard Stallman <address@hidden>
>------- Start of forwarded message -------
>From: "michael humphrey" <address@hidden>
>To: <address@hidden>
>This manual is available in the following formats:=20
>formatted in HTML (3124K characters) entirely on one web page.=20
>this web page has a formatting error under the category
>M.7.5.3 Undoing Version Control Actions ...
>starting with the text,
>However, it is impossible to unexpand the RCS ...

> [karl - Thu Apr 01 20:02:15 2004]:
> I'm guessing this was a bug in the emacs manual for 21.2, they
> probably
> wrote $Log$ in the Texinfo source (namely files.texi).  In 21.3, 
>it now says:
>   However, it is impossible to unexpand the RCS @address@hidden
> which should avoid the unwanted expansion.
> So, if the online manual was updated to the output for 21.3, it 
> would be
> better.  (Not to mention that is obviously desirable anyway.)
> I'm not sure it should be up to webmasters to do this; generally, the
> package maintainers are supposed to.  But if you feel like it, you 
> might
> try the gendocs.sh script, as described in
> http://www.gnu.org/prep/maintain_25.html
> (Of course there are other ways to accomplish the same end.)
> Alternatively, you could bounce it back to address@hidden 
> Surely
> someone there would be willing.

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