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Re: [PATCH] ignoring Info extensions

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ignoring Info extensions
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 20:25:54 -0500

    Are two menus allowed in one node, or should we fix Info readers?

One menu.  I changed texinfo.txi at some point to say this:

  A menu must be located at the end of a node, without any regular text
  or additional commands between the @code{@@end menu} and the beginning
  of the next node.  (As a consequence, there may be at most one menu in
  a node.)

At some point I'll add a warning to makeinfo when this condition isn't

    2. If a menu has an empty item (a single `*' on the whole line)

This also seems invalid to me.  There's no provision for "empty" menu

    then the previous menu item is displayed in Info-title-1-face.
    An example of such menu is the START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY of coreutils.info.

I don't see it.  I'm looking at coreutils 5.2.1.

    Perhaps a line should be displayed in Info-title-1-face only
    if the following line has two or more `*'.

I don't understand?  Why would a line start with two *'s?

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