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Unsafe file variables...

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Unsafe file variables...
Date: 03 Apr 2004 21:06:03 +0200

Ok, I have had an idea which might be stupid or not.  And it might
also have political implications which I am too stupid to see.  I just
want to put it out.

Emacs warns about potentially unsafe file variables and stuff, like

;;; Local variables:
;;; eval: (put 'preview-defmacro 'lisp-indent-function 'defun)
;;; end:

Now it is a nuisance to get this question each time, and it is not
feasible to disable the question permanently due to security reasons.

How about the following then?

;;; Local variables:
;;; eval: (put 'preview-defmacro 'lisp-indent-function 'defun)
;;; end:
;;; gpg-signed: iD8DBQFAbwnJBo350SLJfmgRAhf9AKCFvutpMNxc4oGK/vh2fdVV0MT/dgCeJn66
;;; Qc8BXtn2zlGbofY2YMLIAg8=
;;; =s5sr

Something like that.  I would then customize a variable that tells
whose signatures I trust enough not to get the stupid question again
and again.

Obviously, this also makes it possible for me to look at the local
variable block once, decide that it is good enough for me, and sign

Any change in local variables will render the signature invalid, of

David Kastrup, Kriemhildstr. 15, 44793 Bochum

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