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From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: lisp/url/url-https.el
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 23:14:08 +0200
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The file lisp/url/url-https.el doesn't do anything useful, it seems,
if ssl.el isn't installed (or if OpenSSL isn't installed).  Does
anyone here know how to test HTTPS using the URL package?  If so,
please tell, and perhaps I can help make URL use lisp/net/tls.el
instead of ssl.el.  Ideally it should be as simple as replacing
(require 'ssl) with (require 'tls) and replacing open-ssl-stream with
open-tls-stream, but I don't know how to test those changes.

Generally, I think it would be nice if we got users to change to
tls.el (which is included in Emacs) and GNUTLS instead of ssl.el
(which isn't included) and OpenSSL.  ssl.el is still a common source
of frustration.

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