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Could the new gud changes move to a branch?

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Could the new gud changes move to a branch?
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 00:14:25 -0700
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I appreciate whoever is trying to make gud smarter, but unfortunately
is stumbling over its own feet far too often.  It has nearly rendered
debugging from within Emacs impossible.

It is much slower to get started.  It creates three windows, but
expects a certain arrangement, so that every once in a while when I
hit my breakpoint I am left with only the source window -- and must
hit C-x C-b to get back to the *gud* window.

I really like the new disassembly view, but at one point I got myself
into a situation where I simply could not switch my buffer away from
it.  It seemed to take over my minibuffer or something, and I had to
kill the process and restart it.

And lastly it seems that if the input/output window goes away (from
hitting C-x 1), and then I switch to the *gud* window and hit "up" or
"down", that it redisplays my frame so that only the source window and
the input/output window are displayed.  I have to keep switching to
the *gud* buffer.

Anyway, it has felt very complicated, and I used to be such a fan of
debugging with gdb under Emacs.  So could we go back to the old,
simple way until things settle down and the new code is better tested
by the author?  I think I will start using 21.3 for my debugging.


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