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elisp manual: get-lru-window

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: elisp manual: get-lru-window
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 21:45:46 +0100

The elisp manual says:

 - Function: get-lru-window &optional frame
     This function returns the window least recently "used" (that is,
     selected).  The selected window is always the most recently used

     The selected window can be the least recently used window if it is
     the only window.  A newly created window becomes the least
     recently used window until it is selected.  A minibuffer window is
     never a candidate.

The source says:

  /* First try for a window that is full-width */
  w = window_loop (GET_LRU_WINDOW, Qt, 0, frame);
  if (!NILP (w) && !EQ (w, selected_window))
    return w;
  /* If none of them, try the rest */
  return window_loop (GET_LRU_WINDOW, Qnil, 0, frame);

I think the manual and the documentation string should be changed to say that
full-width windows are considered first.


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