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Re: Mistakes in TUTORIAL.fr

From: Virach Sornlertlamvanich
Subject: Re: Mistakes in TUTORIAL.fr
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 07:37:23 +0700 (ICT)
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Richard Stallman said:
>     There is a better variable to do this: `sentence-end-double-space'.
>     It could be set to nil in local variables.
>     There are also other translations that have a single space:
>     Perhaps we should add this local variable for them as well.

Both single-space and double-space at sentence-end are conventionally used.
Single-space at sentence-end is used by most because Thais are not so
sensible about sentence-end.

> Would you like to do this?
>     It seems strange that the Thai translation has a period and a single
>     space at the end of sentences.  There is a special variable
>     `sentence-end-without-period' with docstring telling that a sentence
>     in Thai text ends with double space, but without a period.  Probably
>     at the time when the translation was done this variable was not
>     available in Emacs yet.  Shouldn't a period and space in the Thai file
>     be replaced by double space?

Though no punctuation-mark (comma, period, question-mark, ...) is required
at all, there is a convention of using punctuation-mark proposed by some
academic institutes. Current situation of sentence-end appearance:-
1. Major Thai texts are single-space at sentence-end without period
2. Some Thai texts are double-space at sentence-end without period
3. Few Thai texts are single-space at sentence-end with period

I am choosing 3. especially for writing technical article. It is
recommended for reducing the ambiguities that may occur in case of the
understanding the range modification.
Some of us are promoting 3. for modern use.

> Please do this too if you feel like it.

Above 3 alternatives are preferred. The Thai TUTORIAL text for should keep
the convention number 3.


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