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Re: Jumping to C source from *Help*

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Jumping to C source from *Help*
Date: 11 Apr 2004 19:17:01 -0400
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>> switch-to-buffer means "I specifically want the buffer in THIS window."
>> It should get an error if it can't do that.  To display the buffer
>> in another window would be failing to do the intended job.

Obviously we need to distinguish between "switch-to-buffer the command"
and "switch-to-buffer" the function.  I don't care about the behavior
of the command, but of the function.

> Doc string for set-window-dedicated-p says this:
>         If it is dedicated, Emacs will not automatically change
>         which buffer appears in it.

The problem is not only with dedicated windows but also with

In my experience most uses of switch-to-buffer inside code
(i.e. as a function) lead to problems in setups such as mine
(i.e. with a separate minibuffer-only frame and with many dedicated

And the problem is made worse because there is currently no function that
does what we want in such case, i.e. "show buffer B, preferably in the
current window".


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