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Re: It is time for a feature freeze (it is NOW or never).

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Re: It is time for a feature freeze (it is NOW or never).
Date: 14 Apr 2004 16:57:25 +0200
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>       In
>     addition, we must work on mule-related manuals.  I dared not
>     work on manuals in Unicode branch to avoid conflict with
>     frequent changes in HEAD.
> In that case, I guess we should aim for a release without the unicode
> branch.  And certainly without the multi-tty branch.  (As for the
> tiling and lexical branches, I am not convinced I want to make those
> changes.)

So when do we declare "feature freeze" ?  May 1st ?

> However, this reminds me that we need to update the Emacs Manual.  I
> updated the Emacs Lisp manual myself some 6 months ago, but aside from
> Luc Teirlink who has done a lot of work, most of you have not helped
> me check it.  Now it is out of print.  But I don't know if I can
> update the Emacs Manual.  I can barely keep up with my work, and I am
> injured.

Once we have "feature freeze", it will be a good time for everyone to
update the manuals to reflect their additions (hopefully documented in

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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