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Re: making iswitchb the default

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: making iswitchb the default
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 13:03:00 +0100
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Kim F. Storm wrote:
Jason Rumney <address@hidden> writes:
Just FYI, ido doesn't have these problems.

It does have similarly strange completion results, though with ido I
can see after some experimentation that if I type "a TAB", I get all
buffers that contain "a" or "A" anywhere in their name, whereas
iswitchb doesn't appear to read my input at all.

If you enter another TAB, ido shows all buffer names.  However, with
ido (and iswitchb), you really don't need TAB completion -- you have
the relevant completions listed already in the minibuffer, so using
TAB is an exception rather than the rule (especially if you know
which buffer or file name you are looking for).

So the bug I am seeing in iswitchb seems to be that it doesn't always list the completions in the minibuffer, and in such cases it appears to randomly select a buffer when you hit return, regardless of what you type.

With ido, if I enter 1 TAB, I get a Completions buffer with the same contents as the minibuffer (which is useful when there are too many buffers to display in the minibuffer), but when I enter a second TAB, it acts like C-x o (other-window), placing my cursor back in the Window I
started from. This looks like a bug.

Normally ido matches everywhere in the name.

I suspected that might be the case, and I guess that for advanced users once they get used to it, it might be faster. But for a new user, such behaviour is surprising, so I would not recommend ido to be enabled by default.

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