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Re: errors from M-x grep

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: errors from M-x grep
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 19:32:03 +0200

Andreas Büsching <address@hidden> writes:

Stefan Monnier wrote:
When I saw the first posting to this thread I just hoped it will find
a solution for my problem with M-x grep, but it didn't.
Apply the usual rule: make distclean bootstrap.

Any other suggestions? I really would like to get grep back working.

I too see this problem if I configure cvs-emacs with the --with-gtk
option. With the --with-x-toolkit=motif option 'grep' works fine.

Then you have not built the motif version with the same sources, or they are using different lisp files. It is highly unlikely that lisp errors depend
on the toolkit used.
I see the error with GTK, Motif, Lucid, no toolkit, no X and on Mac OSX
so it is a lisp problem.

If you remove the progmodes/grep.elc file in the installed lisp directory,
things work OK.  There is obviously a problem with compiling grep.el,
but what is is I don't know.

        Jan D.

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