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Re: Jumping to C source from *Help*

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Jumping to C source from *Help*
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 00:40:51 +0100
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Nick Roberts wrote:

>  > Well, if that was not a rhetorical question, and if I understand
>  > correctly that the issue is "ought one to put a dedicated window in an
>  > unsplittable frame", then IMO it doesn't seem like such a crazy thing
>  > to do.
> In an eerie coincidence, this is what I've just done in gdb-ui.el. I want to
> ensure that buffer display command issued from the parent frame doesn't
> display in any of the child frames and that one issued from a child frame
> must display in the parent frame. It seems to do what I want. Are there any
> problems with this approach?

Well, I think that there *ought* not to be any problems with it, but
there may be some aspects of Emacs behaviour that need ironing out in
such setups.

I haven't used gdb-ui.el, so can't comment on that; but as I said with
the calendar there can be, for example, problems with running help
functions in such frames (eg C-h k) - Emacs can have problems
displaying the help buffer.

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