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Grep and font-lock

From: Jan D.
Subject: Grep and font-lock
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 11:12:50 +0200


Good to see grep working again. However, there is an incompatible change,
grep now always turns on font-lock, which the old did not do.  How does
one go about to turn it off for grep only? Not wanting to be against new
stuff, but I find that I more and more agree with the guy who remarked
that for every new Emacs he has to turn more and more features off to
get back to the same state as the previous release.

I don't mind to turn stuff off, but I do think how to turn off incompatible
changes as this should be mentioned in NEWS.

I do not have perfect vision and black on white is always best for me.
Some colour combinations makes my eyes hurt, the defaults that font-lock
uses very much so.

        Jan D.

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