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Re: M-x gdb troubles

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: M-x gdb troubles
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 01:12:51 +0100

 > PS: while I'm here: it occurred to me that the gdb-ui stuff should be split
 >     into a "frame/window management" part (the gdb-many-windows stuff) and
 >     an "annotation=3" part.  The frame/window-management would be extended
 >     to include the "old GUD" style, would be made non-GDB specific, and
 >     moved to gud.el.  This way the new frame system (with a special
 >     gud-source-window and such) would also be available for other debuggers.

It could be split but, currently, the other debuggers couldn't use these other
windows. To run the relevant commands (stack, locals, breakpoint list) behind
the users back places requirements on the syntax of the debugger output.  I've
approached the Python developers about this but met with limited interest.
With Java, I think different debuggers generate different output. Without a
formally defined interface, parsing the output is a precarious approach that
is likely to break. Hopefully, I can help GDB's interface evolve but I have no
input to the other debuggers.


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