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Re: What happened to wdired.el?

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: What happened to wdired.el?
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 18:57:04 +0300
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:
>>> I think C-x C-q makes sense for wdired mode.  And the same key could
>>> be used to start and finish wdired mode.
> Since switching back to dired has irreversible side effects, I'm a bit
> nervous about doing it that way.  It would work great tho if wdired was
> changed so it doesn't perform the file operations but just records them for
> dired so a dired-execute later actually performs them.

The user can forget to call dired-execute later.  But what about
C-x C-q asking yes/no question about accepting the changes,
and an option to disable such a question?  There is already
a function `wdired-check-kill-buffer' asking a question,
so a similar function `wdired-check-finish-buffer' could be
added to finish wdired by C-x C-q safely.

Juri Linkov

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