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newbie hacker question: how to add eval-to-texinfo?

From: jemarch
Subject: newbie hacker question: how to add eval-to-texinfo?
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 12:29:15 +0200


If accepted, that will be my first patch to emacs. So i want to be sure
i write the patch in a right way.

I want to add a function called 'eval-to-texi' to emacs (i already
signed papers for that).

There are my questions:

- I suppose texinfo.el is the right way to add it. ¿It is right?.

- All functions in texinfo.el start with a 'texinfo-' prefix. May i to
  set that prefix to 'eval-to-texi' naming it 'texinfo-eval-to-texi'?

- May i to include an autoload for 'eval-to-texi'?

- To make the patch in unidiff format, would be right to generate it
  using 'cvs diff texinfo.el' on a fresh emacs cvs checkout? Or from
  the root directory: 'cvs diff listp/textmodes/texinfo.el'
- May i to add an entry to lisp/ChangeLog and send a patch for it too?

I think i can guess reasonable answers to that questions. But i want to
be completely sure.

Many thanks!

José E. Marchesi 

<address@hidden>         http://www.gnu.org     GNU No es Unix!
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