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Re: Feature freeze and Tramp?

From: Kai Grossjohann
Subject: Re: Feature freeze and Tramp?
Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 12:34:23 +0200
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Luc Teirlinck <address@hidden> writes:

> I do _not_ believe this is new behavior connected to the update.
> But why does tramp insert 215 lines into the .bash_history on the
> remote machine?  (This is annoying.)

Yes, I agree.  Tramp tries to turn that off, but maybe it is not
working for some reason.

During initialization of the remote shell connection, Tramp sends the
following command to the remote end:

    HISTFILE=$HOME/.tramp_history; HISTSIZE=1

So, perhaps the above command is not the right command for your remote
shell, or perhaps the command is not executed properly by Tramp.

If you (setq tramp-debug-buffer t) then you can see in the *debug
tramp/foo* buffer whether or not Tramp sends the line to the remote
end.  Could you please check this?  Could you also check whether the
command needs to be changed for your case to have the desired effect?


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