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Re: new *Help* argument highlighting

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: new *Help* argument highlighting
Date: 10 May 2004 15:06:13 -0400
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>     But playing with font size is pretty safe ...
> No, it is not.

Care to back up your claim with at least some kind of data, so we have
a chance of estimating how serious the problem is?
As I said, I haven't seen a single complaint about the font-size change
in Info-mode in Emacs-21.

>     Bold sometimes causes problems...
> Yes, you are right.  But the word `sometimes' is not accurate.  Bold
> *always* causes a problem when I change font size to 10x20.  In a mode

I think "sometimes" is perfectly correct.  It was clear that I didn't
mean for the problem to be non-deterministic, but just to depend on
the situation.

BTW, I still haven't understood why bold is such a problem for you.  Is it
that you don't have a bold face and Emacs creates one automatically (and
that one is unreadable) or is it that you do have a bold face but
it's unreadable?  If the latter, is it there a reason why the face is
unreadable (other than "the font author just did a bad job")?

> line, `m' becomes unreadable.  (That font size is best for the display
> I mostly use.  Everything looks fine in the default font.)

With the 6x13 font I use, "m" in bold looks basically like a solid block,
but I've never found it to be unreadable because it still looks clearly
different from all others (including "w").
Is your situation similar except that the solid block does bother you
(maybe because you sight is not as good as mine)?

> First, will someone who understands the patch review it?  Or should I
> commit the merged version of xfaces.c and see whether it breaks others
> people's installations?

My understanding of the patch is that it introduces risks of crashes.
If you set realize-face-filter-functions to functions that are simple
enough, it might be safe (tho maybe only if you compile with -DSYNC_INPUT).


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