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Re: display word wrapping

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: display word wrapping
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 17:21:36 -0500 (CDT)

David Kastrup wrote:

   > - Tramp reentrancy rework
   >   This is really a bug-fix, but seems to require major changes.

   I am not so sure.  Most of the stuff we had up to now involved
   crashes in the garbage collector, and that is supposed to be fixed by

Hangs are pretty bad too, even if they are not crashes.
   >   Maybe we don't really need to do this for 21.4, if there is a
   >   simpler way to simply avoid reentrancy (e.g. disable auto-revert
   >   in remote buffers).

   Yup.  One must not forget that a buggy version of tramp does not
   imply a regression when compared with 21.3 and no tramp, or an
   equally buggy add-on tramp.  Except for those cases where ange-ftp

I am not completely sure of that.

In emacs-21.3 -q:

file-name-handler-alist's value is 
(("^/[^/:]*\\'" . ange-ftp-completion-hook-function)
 ("^/[^/:]*[^/:.]:" . ange-ftp-hook-function)
 ("\\`/:" . file-name-non-special))

In emacs-21.3.50 -q:

file-name-handler-alist's value is 
(("\\`/[^/:]+:" . tramp-file-name-handler)
 ("\\`/:" . file-name-non-special))

The one problem we know of is auto-revert-mode, but anything that
can call file-exists-p or its friends while Tramp is waiting for
output could cause exactly the same problems.



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