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Re: [Patch] Unicode support for the MS Windows clipboard

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [Patch] Unicode support for the MS Windows clipboard
Date: 27 May 2004 13:48:31 -0400
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> Couldn't this be done without introducing Windows-specific options?
> AFAIK, the logic employed by Windows when it encodes clipboard text is
> quite simple, something like: if it cannot be encoded with the system
> codepage, use Unicode.  Why cannot Emacs simply follow this logic?

Agreed.  This way the user does not need to change anything
(selection-coding-system works just as before) and that things that used to
work still work.

>> - Drop optimizations for ASCII-only text.  This is mostly because I
>> couldn't get all combinations straight in my mind, between this, the
>> `last_clipboard_text' mechanism and CF_UNICODETEXT.
> Is that optimization indeed an optimization?

I strongly suspect that any potential difference in speed is lost in
the noise.


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