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Re: [gnu.org #194297] Re: Emacs-devel list IS slow

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [gnu.org #194297] Re: Emacs-devel list IS slow
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 13:37:01 -0400

    > | Emacs: The Sacred Editor
    > | Category: Computers > Open Source > Software > Editors > Emacs

    This is another flaw in Google categorization: Emacs is placed
    under Open Source category.

Of all the problems, this one hurts us the worst--but they have surely
done this intentionally, so it is unlikely that they would change it
for us.

It makes no sense to ask them to make a separate "free software"
category.  It is clearly right to have just one category containing
GNU Emacs, Apache, and Linux; splitting it in two would be unhelpful
for the users.

What we would want them to do is to label this one category with "free
software" as well as "open source".  I suppose they will say that is
too long.

So people will keep coming to the GNU Project and our software,
thinking that we agree with the open source movement.  We therefore
must continue to find frequent opportunities to say "Open source?  We
disagree completely with open source!"  And as they recognize
that part of what they were told is untrue, we can explain about
free software.

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