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Re: dired-kill-tree

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: dired-kill-tree
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 03:11:07 -0400

      (defun dired-kill-tree (dirname &optional remember-marks)
        "Kill all proper subdirs of DIRNAME, excluding DIRNAME itself.
    + Note that DIRNAME itself is _only_ excluded if it is a directory name,
    + which on most systems means that it ends with a slash.  If DIRNAME is
    + a directory file name, which on most systems means that it does not end
    + with a slash, then DIRNAME is killed too.  The latter is sometimes useful
    + in interactive usage, when DIRNAME is itself a subdirectory.
      With optional arg REMEMBER-MARKS, return an alist of marked files."

I think this behavior is rather error-prone and counterintuitive.
I would rather consider it a bug, and change it to exclude
DIRNAME even if it is specified in the syntactic form of a file name.

If this makes it hard to kill a subdir, we could add a new interface
for doing that, or we could make this command ask whether
to kill directory DIRNAME as well.  That would provide an accident-proof
way to ask for either behavior.

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