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[bug] python-mode, jit-lock, syntax-pss during file load

From: Karl Chen
Subject: [bug] python-mode, jit-lock, syntax-pss during file load
Date: 11 Jun 2004 17:16:00 +0200

(syntax-ppss) doesn't work correctly at file load when
font-lock-support-mode is 'jit-lock-mode.

Symptom: when (re)loading a python file whose initial contents
look like:

'''   ...  '


If jit-lock-mode is on, then python-mode guesses python-indent of
2 because it thinks "blah1:" is not in a string.

If you evaluate (python-guess-indent) after the file has loaded,
it returns 4.  It only returns 2 while the file is loading.  (It
was annoying that python-guess-indent returns different results
when debugging is enabled!)

Other font lock support modes (or no font lock) might also have
problems.  I think the fix is to force syntaxification/
fontification before python-guess-indent is called.

Karl 2004-06-11 17:07

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