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Scroll-bar scrolling in Mac (CARBON) Emacs

From: Lennart Staflin
Subject: Scroll-bar scrolling in Mac (CARBON) Emacs
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 20:17:08 +0200

I have notice some scrolling misbehavior in Emacs on a Mac (CARBON, recent CVS checkout).

Scrolling thru a buffer using the scroll bar sometimes stops working and instead echoes events to the echo area:

 "vertical-scroll-bar double-down-mouse-1 double-mouse-1 ..."

Event keyboard events get echoed and ignored. It seems to be triggered by a double click (easy to do a double click when scrolling thru a buffer.)

I looked a bit closer to what happens and it seems that mac-handle-scroll-bar-event gets called with the double-down-mouse-1 event and then calls mac-scroll-up that reads events and discards them until it gets a mouse-1 event.

As far as I can tell, mac-handle-scroll-bar-event is only bound to down-mouse-1. But I think that double click events get simplified if they have no binding, so calling the function with the double-down-mouse-1 would be expected. Then the mac-scroll-* functions are in error, they can't just look for a mouse-1 event.

It is unclear to me what the purpose is of turning on mouse tracking and discarding events. It seems to me to work well with out that. I.e. with simply:

(defun mac-scroll-down ()

//Lennart Staflin

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