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Re: Bug tracking

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Bug tracking
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 17:49:32 -0400

I will not agree to use of a system that is hard for me to access, so
we simply can't use the systems you have in mind.  Please accept that
decision.  We will use a text file that I can access with CVS.

The number of issues we want to record should not be as much as 50.

    It doesn't have a web interface for other people,

It is not important for anyone to see this file except the Emcs
developers, who will be looking for jobs they can work on to help make
the release happen.

                                                      no automatic way to
    extract statistics,

The purpose of this database is to keep track of jobs that need to be
done, for the release.  We don't need statistics.  They all will
need to be done.

                        it's *clumsy* beyond belief if you want to also
    store past (and fixed or rejected) issues,

We can put the past issues into a DONE file in case anyone wants to
look back at them.

I don't know what you mean by "rejected" issues.  If we don't believe
a job needs to be done for the release, we won't ever put it in this

Perhaps you are envisioning a bug tracking system.  That's not what
this we're trying to do here.

                                               has to be manually edited by
    us so outside people cannot enter issues,

Only Emacs maintainers should edit this file.  Outsiders cannot decide
what jobs we need to do before the release, or mark them as done.

                                              needs that someone reads
    gnu-emacs-bugs@ reports and formats them as desired,

That will be necessary no matter how we store the file.  Only humans
can decide what should go in the file.  It cannot be done

                                                         it has limited
    posibilities for searching and categorizing...

We should not have so many items in the file that this becomes a
significant issue.

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