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coord conversion: frame->column_width set wrong?

From: jbyler+emacs-lists
Subject: coord conversion: frame->column_width set wrong?
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 17:00:57 -0400

I'd like to reopen discussion on an apparent problem with the conversion
from canonical coordinates to pixel coordinates.  I believe that the
frame->column_width value is being set up incorrectly in X Windows on my
Red Hat 9 system.  The symptom is that windmove doesn't work well, but
the problem can be observed by running some tests I will describe below.
 My results:

        5/14/2003 build from CVS   6/~12/04 build from CVS

-nw        good                        good

X/11       good                        *bug*

Setup: emacs -q &
M-x scroll-bar-mode
M-x fringe-mode (none)
M-x tool-bar-mode
M-x menu-bar-mode
... to get a bare-bones frame.

(coordinates-in-window-p '( 0 . 0) (selected-window))
should return: (0 . 0)
bug condition returns: nil

(window-at 0 0)
should return: #<window 3 on *scratch*> (or similar)
bug condition returns: nil

(coordinates-in-window-p '( 1 . 1) (selected-window))
should return: (1 . 1)
bug condition returns: (0.8571428571428571 . 0.9230769230769231)

Looking through the changes made to the functions in question, I came
across only one significant change that I think could have caused this:

Name changes:
coordinates-in-window-p uses the macro
which calls 

On a window system, CANON_X_UNIT was a wrapper for
FRAME_DEFAULT_FONT_WIDTH, defined in xterm.h, macterm.h, and w32term.h. 
FRAME_DEFAULT_FONT_WIDTH no longer exists, and in its place,
FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH simply reads the field column_width from the frame
data structure.  This value gets initialized to 1 in make_frame, but I
couldn't find a place where it gets set based on the font.  Perhaps it
isn't being set at all?

Some clips from prior discussion:

Robert J. Chassell, Re: windmove and the minibuffer

Luc Teirlinck, Re: windmove and the minibuffer

Luc Teirlinck, Re: ruler-mode is broken

Jesse Byler

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